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Full Investigation Service

We provide investigations services, from the initial complaint through to the final report. We will provide you with a full investigation plan and cost. Our costs are all inclusive, so no hidden nasty surprises! Our reports meet all legal requirements of procedural fairness and natural justice and are robust enough to withstand the most rigorous legal scrutiny.

Supported Investigations
For organisations that have their own in house  HR Investigators, we will provide you with as much or as little support as needed. And your first consultation is free.



We conduct robust, independent Section 13 APS Act (1999) Code of Conduct investigations and Section 15APS Act (1999) Reviews of Action, based on best investigative practice and informed by the latest case law.  We exceed the standards suggested by the Australian Public Service Commission in http://www.apsc.gov.au/publications-and-media/current-publications/tips-and-traps-in-selecting-external-investigators.

Over a decade ago, Jo started the type of investigation now known as 'Management Enquiries' to assist managers when indefinable workplace issues arise. These types of enquiries can assist the workplace to function more appropriately - allowing staff to be 'heard', through to uncovering potentially serious breaches of the APS Code of Conduct.



Our clients include: 

Prime Minister and Cabinet

High Court of Australia

Attorney Generals Department


National Museum of Australia

National Library of Australia



Department of Defence

University of Canberra

University of Western Sydney

Queensland University of Technology

University of Tasmania



Australian Federal Police

Australian Crime Commission

SVDP Society

Snowy Valleys Regional Council

Snowy Monaro Regional Council




Are you an NGO?

A small business?

Have you been asked to sit on a Board?

Do you know your responsibilities regarding Industrial Relations and Human Resources? 

Are your policies compliant with the new Industrial Laws?


Capital Workplace can assist you to understand your legal responsibilities. We can also draft robust policy that will stand up in a tribunals, Industrial Relations Commission or at Fair Work.


So many small/medium businesses and NGO's have policies, that when tested, are unworkable. Capital Workplace can partnership with your business to provide policy advice regarding your Bullying and Harassment and HR policies, to ensure your policies  are industrially compliant and more importantly, workable.




Have you been asked to be a Support Person? Do you know what to do?

 Or do you need an independent, impartial, Support Person who understands the process?

Have you undergone a workplace investigation and would like a review?

Call us.


Sometimes, an investigation isn't appropriate, especially if there are interpersonal problems between staff of a less serious nature. 

Sometime, what appears to be misconduct, isn't. Staff bring their own unique personalities to the workplace and at times, that level of diversity clashes and the workplace needs some 'extra' assistance.

Craig is a qualified mediator and can facilitate your mediation.


We design and deliver 

  • Investigations Training

  • Deescalation,

  • Emergency Response and Preparedness for Incidents

  • HR for Managers

  • Responding to Workplace Complaints

  • Anti Bullying and Harassment Training

  • Fraud Awareness

  • Cultural Capacity Training