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 We are a boutique company, specialising in solving your workplace issues. We work with you to troubleshoot your human resource, training and industrial relations issues so you can concentrate on your core business. 

We are Australia's only 100% owned and operated Indigenous HR Workplace company and are Supply Nation certified.

With combined experience of over 60 years in Human Resources, Training and Investigations, in the Commonwealth, State, Private and NGO sectors, Craig and Jo and the team  are ready to assist you with your workplace issues and provide workable solutions. 

Our training has been used by the Commonwealth, Tertiary, VET, State Government and private sectors. Our HR skills and knowledge exceed the standards suggested by the Australian Public Service Commission.

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Capital Workplace acknowledges the Elders, past, present and emerging, of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community.  We pay our respect to them and their cultures.


We provide full workplace investigations or supported investigations. For advice please call 02 6231 0066...   We provide customised training for your organisation in ER, IR and HR troubleshooting, including Investigations, Vetting and Cultural Capacity.    Have you just been told about a complaint? Need to talk it over? Or need an independent, robust Investigation? 
NEW!!! Advanced ER training course 27/28 October 2017. ER/HR for new Managers 4 December 2017
  • Bullying statistics

    CWI Principal Craig Sams is Canberra's only Indigenous male registered mediator!

  • The cost of bullying

    The Productively Commission estimates bullying is costing Australia between $6 billion and $36 billion dollars annually.

  • The Australian Public Service

    The Australian Public Service Commission estimate that 17% of staff had been bullied at work but only 0.13% of these claims were investigated. The APSC believes this higher rate of reported bullying could involve unfound accusations.

  • Best Practice in Investigations

    The Australian Government Investigations Standards were developed for all Australian Government agencies to ensure quality investigative practices and outcomes.

  • Best practice in Investigations

    An 'oral statement' made to an investigator should be recorded and a verbatim transcript made of that interview.

  • Fraud in the workplace

    According to KPMG's Fraud and Misconduct Survey of 2010 covering Australia and New Zealand, the incidence of fraud is on the rise. Fraud increased  from $301 to $345 million in two years. 65% of major fraud is committed by employees acting alone and they're motivated by greed and lifestyle.

  • Fraud offences

    Fraud has been identified as the most expensive crime category in Australia with fraud and deception-related offences believed to be the largest category of all Commonwealth offences . Estimates indicated that approximately 25 percent of all fraud cases are actually reported. 

  • Support Person

    If you are interviewed during the course of an investigation, you have the right to have a support person with you. A support person should not be involved in the investigation. Their role is to support you and to observe the process.

  • Reasonable Management Action

    Reasonable management action, conducted in an appropriate manner does not constitute bullying and harassment.

  • Supply Nation Certified

    We are Australia's only Supply Nation certified Indigenous HR Investigations company.

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Our Case Studies
  • Was it really bullying?

    A Senior Manager was accused of bullying a colleague, however his colleagues complaint referred to an issue 2 years earlier. The Senior Manager believed he had a good working relationship with his colleague, there had been no current issues and was unaware of the complaint until he was notified of a Code of Conduct investigation. Read more in Case Studies...

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  • What was the problem?

    A section had a poor reputation in the wider organisation. The Manager blamed the workers and the workers blamed management. Allegations of poor performance, harassment and bullying were being levelled from staff and the Manager. The dysfunctional workplace meant that little was being achieved. Read more in Case Studies….

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